“STRAIGHT UP” Single Released 2011
Giving a modern bluegrass style overhaul to a 80’s chart topper is not something most people would think to do, but it’s what we did here. Listen for the tight vocal harmonies and the waves of instrumentation easing in and out of this pop classic.

released 29 March 2011
Kevin Pugh: Vocals and instruments
Rachael Pugh: Background vocals

Produced by Kevin and Rachael Pugh
Mixed by Troy Hardy at Meltro Music, Van Nuys, CA (Sound City Studios campus)

Cover Photograph: Aaron K. Taves

“GET IT” Debut Album Released 2012
From the first track, inspired by epic movie scores, then wah-wah guitars, bongos, accordions, punk, 60’s rock and harmonicas, no curiosity is left untapped. Sit down with homebrew, a plate of fancy cheese, turn your lights down and crank up the album!

released 22 January 2012
Kevin Pugh – Male vocals, all instruments and noises unless noted below
Rachael Pugh – Female vocals, piano (Track #’s 1, 6), trumpet, hand claps (Track # 9)
Andy Kozar – Drums (Track #’s 5, 6, 7, 8, 10)
Rich Cashman – Bass (Track # 7)

Produced by Kevin and Rachael Pugh
Additional Production and Mixed by Troy Hardy

Recorded at Meltro Music, Van Nuys, CA, Engineered by Troy Hardy (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10)
Recorded at Ditch Road, Simi Valley, CA, Engineered by Ryan Canestro (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10)

Cover Photograph: Aaron K. Taves

© & P 2012 Kevin C. Pugh (ASCAP)


The seeds of “Get It” were first planted when Kevin Pugh befriended Happy Music store owner Chong. Out of Chong’s strip mall music store, they would host hours of jam sessions that attracted some of the most talented Los Angeles musicians. It was during these jam sessions that Kevin developed as a singer, songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a confident, selfless musician who could lead and accompany with equal intensity. The Happy Music sessions eventually gave way to a period of frenetic gigging around the Los Angeles music scene, where he performed in various band formats at yacht clubs, summer festivals and talent farms along the Sunset Strip. These journeyman years have finally culminated to this highly anticipated debut album.

Kevin Pugh comes from the salt of the earth. He came of age in the Bay Area during the hangover years of post 60s enlightenment, when counterculture idealism decomposed into disco debauchery. As a result of this environment, Kevin learned early on the ability to listen and absorb all styles and influences. He is as much influenced by The Beatles and Neil Young as he is by Weird Al Yankovic and Ziggy Stardust. With songs like Breaking Waves, he can take familiar themes of love, life and mystery and use surrealism to make them fresh and original. When asked what he would take with him on a deserted island, his answer is always an archipelago.

Joining him on this album is the talented singer, actress and soul mate Rachael Pugh. As a combo, they fall in the tradition of couple musicians like Johnny & June Cash and Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin. Like Jane and June before her, Rachael softens the stone and widens the range with her sensuality. Only a singer of her caliber can turn songs like Ocean of Love into buoyant, rolling ballads. Even as a backup singer, she complements neatly to Kevin’s matter-of-fact voicing.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do. It’s been a long time coming but the experience fully blossomed into the right collection of 10 songs, each song like an anxious petal of a popcorn flower. Get It!

Ashley Van Nuys
Paris, France
February 2012

“HEART OF GLASS” Single Released 2013
Infusing this iconic Blondie song from the CBGB’s New York scene with some country bluegrass and blues, Kevin Pugh seasons this recording with equal parts inspiration from The Muppets, Ray Davies and Ringo Starr. Pugh even adds a few dashes of musical saw, pre-heats the track with an ancient drum machine, 1 tablespoon of synth, 6 ounces of train sirens and bake for 3 minutes with a lap steel guitar in hopes to create other music for uplifting gormandizers. OMFUG!!!

released 09 August 2012
Kevin Pugh – Vocals, guitar, lap steel, bass, piano, banjo, mandolin, musical saw, harmonica, synth, train siren

Rachael Pugh – background vocals

Andy Kozar – drums

Produced by Kevin and Rachael Pugh

Mixed by Troy Hardy at Meltro Music, Van Nuys, CA (Sound City Studios campus)

Cover Photograph: Aaron K. Taves